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Garage door springs to repair broken or worn springs on an existing up-and-over door. We can supply garage door springs to suit most UK overhead garage door manufacturers, including Garador, Cardale, Henderson and Wessex.

How do I measure the spring?

To ensure you are ordering the correct spring, it is useful to measure your current spring and compare the measurements to those listed in the specification section of the spring you are interested in, or against those listed in the spring finder tab

How do I use the spring finder table?

Once you have your spring measurements, you can use the spring finder table to identify a suitable replacement. You can click on a heading at the top of the table, and the springs will reorder themselves based on that category e.g. If you click on Ma

What can I do if I cannot find my spring?

If you are unable to find your spring on the Spring Finder Table, it is highly likely that the spring is obsolete and no longer available. In these situations there are 2 options available. The first option is to replace the springs with others which

Should I get the genuine or compatible spring?

For some springs we have genuine versions available direct from the manufacturer and 3rd party compatible ones. These 3rd party springs are made to the same specifications, quality and warranty as the genuine springs, and are usually cheaper. Ultimat