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What can I do if I cannot find my spring?Updated 6 months ago

If you are unable to find your spring on the Spring Finder Table, it is highly likely that the spring is obsolete and no longer available. 

In these situations there are 2 options available. 

The first option is to replace the springs with others which have similar specifications. On retractable doors there are spring straining screws at the bottom which can be raised or lowered to help with any slight difference in the spring length. 

As we offer a 2 week return period, you could place the new similar springs on the door and see if the door still functions smoothly. If not, as long as the springs are undamaged, you can return them for an item refund. 

Please note it is recommended to replace all the springs in this situation as the new springs and old springs will have different tensions and mixing them could cause the door to be unbalanced and potential lead to increased wear and tear. 

The second option would be to update the garage door mechanism with a new Garage Door Gear. The door would be reused, but all parts of the mechanism would be replaced with a new modern one. 

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