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Remote Controls

Remote control, transmitter, keyfob, handset, zapper... whatever you call your handheld remote control for your electric operator, we'll have a replacement in stock for you.

How do I identify the correct remote control?

If you still have the remote control, we recommend checking it against the models we list on our website here. Make sure the brand and the frequency (MHz) match, as remotes are not normally designed to work with another company's motor, and the frequ

How do I change the battery in the remote?

Included with all the remotes are instructions which detail how to remove and replace the battery, but if you have lost these please contact us and we can provide instructions on how to replace the battery as it varies for each model, sales@wsgaraged

How do I program the remote for my electric motor?

All new remotes will need to be programmed before it will work with the electric motor. How to program the remote will vary depending on the manufacturer and the model of the electric motor/remote. In the first instance we recommend that you check th

What do I do if my remote is obsolete?

If the remote is obsolete, you have 2 solutions available to you. Option 1 is to replace the electric motor. The new motor will be a modern replacement and will come with 2 remotes. Our range of electric motors can be seen here. Option 2 is to use a