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How do I identify the correct remote control?Updated 6 months ago

If you still have the remote control, we recommend checking it against the models we list on our website here. Make sure the brand and the frequency (MHz) match, as remotes are not normally designed to work with another company's motor, and the frequency must match to ensure the remote and the electric motor can communicate. 

Please note, that for Garador models you must ensure the buttons match in colour e.g. If your remote currently has grey buttons, you must order a replacement remote with grey buttons, as the blue and black button remotes are not compatible. 

If you are unable to find your remote on our product page, it might be obsolete. Email a photo to our team at [email protected] or send it on WhatsApp 07481 342 447 so we can confirm and provide a solution. 

If you do not have the remote, perhaps as you have just moved into a property, please take photos of the electric motor and send to [email protected] or send it on WhatsApp 07481 342 447 and from the brand and model name be able to identify a solution. 

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