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Which Henderson model do I have?Updated 6 months ago

Here at WS Garage Door Spares, we stock and supply a huge range of spare parts for Henderson garage doors.

Henderson stopped making garage doors in 2010, but we have you covered with compatible parts to suit many models of Henderson garage door. Henderson was a very popular manufacturer of garage doors and there are many older doors still in use around the United Kingdom. So whether a cable has snapped on your garage door, your garage door springs have lost tension, or you have lost the keys to your lock or handle, we'll have the spare part you need to repair your garage door.

We have spares available for many models of Henderson garage door, including Merlin, Doric, Pre-Premier and Ultra garage door gears. This covers both canopy-style and retractable garage door.

Pre-Premier Canopy (Pre-1992)

Pre-Premier doors were a single-width canopy style door (the door protrudes by around a third of its height when fully open). The doors had a single torsion spring running across the top of the door. This door can be distinguished from the later Premier model by the looped ends of the garage door cables. 

Premier Canopy (1992-2010)

Premier canopy doors had a single torsion spring running across the top of the door. The Premier model of door can be identified by the 'stop' ends of the garage door cables (metal stud). Later models were supplied with modern 'anti-drop' mechanisms, which prevented the door from slamming shut should the cables snap. 

Ultra Gear

Ultra gear was an early model-type suppled by PC Henderson. The springs on this model of door were quite unique in that the spring adjuster was screwed into the top end of the spring, rather than the more common method of hooking onto the bottom of the garage door spring. Some spring adjusters had a hook, others had a bolt. 

Dolphin Gear

The Dolphin range of doors were a very popular range of both single-width and double-width lightweight aluminium doors with side springs. The springs were colour coded to denote their strength, with yellow springs being used on small single garage doors, grey used more commonly on both single-width and some smaller double-width doors, and finally green dolphin springs used on most 14ft wide double doors. 

Premier Retractable

The Premier retractable doors were the later range of fully retractable garage doors manufactured by Henderson. They can be identified by the multi-spring setup, comprising of a cluster of 3 springs on either side of the garage door. 

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