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Which Garador model do I have?Updated 6 months ago

Garador were previously known as Catnic, Westland Engineering and WEL, and are now currently owned by Hormann, so please check for these names on the inside of the garage door and on the handle. 

MK1/MK2 doors are from the 1960s. They are easy to identify by the concrete weights at each side of the door, held in place by metal support cables. Whilst this is a very old model of door, replacement cables can often be supplied to repair the door. However, the length should be checked to ensure the correct ones.

Distinctive features:

  • Concrete weights

The Garador Mk3c (Mark 3) door is a canopy up and over door manufactured pre-1999 with an overhead counter balanced spring box, and side support cables. Most spare parts for this door are still readily available. Early versions of this door have a metal spring box above the door without a removable cover. These spring boxes are not safe to repair and should be replaced with the modern spring box with a removable cover. On the door label check for MK3C, 'C' TYPE, 3C, MK3C (V), S/S. 

Distinctive features:

  • Overhead counterbalance springbox containing two springs
  • Side support cables

The Garador Mk4, or F-type, garage door is a canopy style door manufactured up to 2002. This model of door had distinctive side springs, enclosed inside the metal frame surrounding the door and operates without any support cables.

Distinctive features:

  • Side spings encased inside metal door frame
  • Double spring, with inner spring surrounded by high-impact plastic tube

The Garador R-type door was a retractable type door manufactured up until 2002. This model of door superseded the older Mk3R door and most spares are compatible between the two models. As a note, the R-type door covered single width doors and should not be confused with the Double Type R door which is obsolete.

Distinctive features:

  • Side springs with metal 'eye' at each end (often with spring number engraved)
  • Springs usually encased inside a plastic cover tube

The Garador C-type door was a canopy style door with side extension springs manufactured briefly between 1999 and 2002. The door is most easily identified by the side extension springs with a pulley wheel at the top end and a cast wall bracket in the top corner of the door frame.

Distinctive features:

  • Side extension springs with white nylon pulley
  • Cast wall bracket with pulley wheel on 45 degree angle

Garador’s current canopy C-type door has been manufactured since 2002 and is sometimes referred to as a CG, CF or G3 type door. The spring is a single torsion spring running across the door frame above the door. On either end there is a cast metal drum around which the support cables run. This model of door also uses new ‘anti-drop’ safety mechanisms which prevents the door from slamming shut in the case of the cables breaking.

Distinctive features:

  • Overhead torsion spring
  • Cast metal cable drums

The Garador DC or CM doors were double canopy doors supplied pre-2002. These doors usually had two springs running down either side of the door. The link pivot arm on the door was usually a straight box section, although older types may have a kinked arm.

Distinctive features:

  • Two springs at either side of the door
  • Straight box section link arm
  • Canopy door - protrudes when open by approx. 1/3 height

The Garador DR / RM garage doors were manufactured pre-2002. The door featured two double springs down either side of the door, and the door retracted fully into the garage when opened. The link arms on the DR door were kinked with multiple fixing points for the springs. This door should not be confused with the obsolete ‘Type R’ door which was discontinued in the 1980s. Whilst this is similar in looks and mechanism type, the parts are not compatible.

Distinctive features:

  • Two springs at either side of the door
  • Kinked link arm (with multiple fixing points for springs)
  • Retractable door - retracts fully into garage when open

Garador’s current range of retractable doors (Retractable Plus and Retractable Double Door) has been supplied since 2002. These doors feature a multi-spring or cluster type spring with 3 (single doors) or 6 (double doors) springs at either side of the door. The springs can be easily identified by the number engraved into the end bracket of the assembly.

Distinctive features:

  • Multi-springs at either side of door
  • Three springs per cluster for single doors
  • Six springs per cluster for double doors

The PN31 or PN59 door was a very old double canopy door with side springs and support cables. Due to the age and weight of the door, repairs are not recommended, but replacement cables can still be supplied. This type of door can easily be modernised with a replacement garage door gear.

If you are unsure which model of Garador you have, please take some photos and email them to [email protected] or send them via WhatsApp 07481 342 447. 

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