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What are the different tools used for?Updated 6 months ago

Below we outline the uses of the some of the main garage tools for repairing and maintaining your garage door. 

Henderson Canopy Spring Retensioning Kit

Retensioning kit to suit Henderson Pre-Premier garage doors made before 1992. Included are two toggles, an allen key and a tension pin. This kit can be used to replace tension on overhead canopy spring where it has been lost. Instructions are here

Garador Canopy Door Spring Tensioning Bars
A pair of toggle bars to retension current Garador and Hormann canopy garage door springs (2002 - present). Instructions are here

Cone Roll Pin Punch 4mm

The cone roll pin punch is used for driving out the roll pins in a plastic cone on most makes of garage door, including Henderson, Cardale, Wessex, etc, when replacing canopy cones and cables. The punch is not suitable for King garage doors, due to them having smaller diameter roll pins.

Multi-Purpose Garage Door Oil
A highly refined mineral oil perfectly suited for lubricating, penetrating and preventing rust, tarnish and seizure of metal components in your garage. Ideal to keep your garage door mechanism operating as new! Grease on garage door mechanisms actually attracts dust and debris and causes issues so please use this instead. 

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