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What are latches and cams?Updated 6 months ago

Latches and cams form the basic security on most up-and-over garage doors, whether they are canopy or retractable. The cam, locking cable/bar, latch and latch receiver form a system which secures the door. If any part of this becomes damaged, it is imperative that it is replaced to ensure the garage is locked and your possessions are safe. 

A cam is usually metal or plastic, and is attached to the back of the garage door handle, on the inside of the door. Below are a couple of examples, but yours may differ. 

The cam will be connected to either a latch locking cable, or latch locking bars. Below are a couple of examples, but yours may differ. 

At the end of the cable, or bars, will be the latch which will be in the latch receiver, which is usually above the door or at the sides. Below is a latch receiver and the latch which goes into it, yours may differ as it is a different model. 

The latch being held in the latch receiver prevents the door from being opened, and therefore locks the door. When you unlock the garage door handle with the key, you are able to turn the exterior handle. This in turn causes the cam to rotate, which pulls the latch cable/bars, and this pulls the latch out of the latch receiver, causing the door to open.  

Our range of latches and cams are available here, but if you are unable to find your items, please send photos to [email protected] and our staff will endeavour to find suitable replacements. 

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