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Need help identifying your Cardale latches and cams?Updated a month ago

Having trouble identifying the correct replacement part for your Cardale door? 

Below we will go through some of the different cams, latches and receivers, providing links to each replacement where possible, and links to compatible replacements when required. 

The cam above is unfortunately obsolete. The Cardale Latch Lever & Cam below is a compatible replacement. 

On some earlier Cardale models the cam is inside metal housing as shown below. The metal housing would need to be removed and the handle replaced so you have a spindle which extends past the spigots and therefore has space to turn. 

The Cardale Latch Lever Crucifix & Cam below is still available. 

The Cardale Original Top Spring Latch is no longer available as it is obsolete. 

You will need to replace with the Top Latch & Cable Assembly and the Garage Door Overhead Spring Support Bracket as shown below. 

Finally, the Cardale Side Latch & Cable below is still available. Used on Cardale double Slideaway (retractable garage doors) manufactured up until 2004.

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