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I am having a custom door made, can you provide a mechanism?Updated 6 months ago

Whether you are needing a mechanism for a new custom door, or are needing to replace a an old obsolete mechanism, we are able to provide you with a complete kit to get the door working. 

We can provide both canopy door mechanism and retractable door mechanisms. Before placing an order, you will need to know the width, height and weight of the garage door. To get the weight of the door, balance it across 2 bathroom scales with a friend, and add both the readings together. 

Below is an overview of the garage door mechanisms we can provide:

Canopy Garage Door Gear

For those wanting a canopy style opening (1/3 of the door hangs out when the door is open). This mechanism is suitable for doors up to 9' wide and weighing no more than 40 kg. There is an anti-drop option which is recommended, as it can help prevent injury and damage to property should the cables or spring fail at a later date. 

Retractable Garage Door Gear

For those wanting a retractable opening (entirety of the door slides into the garage when the door opens). This mechanism is suitable for single and double width doors. Please make sure you select the correct gear pack based on door weight and arm type based on the door height, to ensure the mechanism works well. 

Retractable Heavy Duty Garage Door Gear

Same as above, but for those whose door is over 114kg in weight. The door gear is particularly suited for timber and fibreglass double doors as these doors tend to be very heavy. 

Retractable Lightweight Garage Door Gear

For doors up to 9' wide and weighing less than 45kg, this door gear is a suitable option. 

Multi-Spring Double Garage Door Gear

Similar to the Retractable Garage Door Gear, but instead of a single spring on each side, this gear uses multiple springs are used on each side. 

Cranked Arm Garage Door Gear

This door gear is particular suited for narrow garage doors as the cranked arm mechanism leaves more space at the side for car wing mirrors. 

If unsure which type of garage door gear is best for you, please contact us at [email protected] and we can help. 

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