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How do I know which tracks and runners I need?Updated 6 months ago

We stock tracks and runners only for up-and-over garage doors (canopy and retractable). 

Canopy Spindle Channels

Do you have this door type: Canopy doors when open will have about 1/3 of the garage door hanging outside, forming a canopy. The u-shaped channels are fitted vertically on each side of the garage, allowing the roller spindles to run up and down the channels smoothly as the garage door opens and closes.

Pair of Canopy (vertical) spindle jam channels to suit Henderson doors and many other makes of garage doors with roller wheel diameter of up to 22mm. The channels measure 50 inches (129cm) in length.

Retractable Door Tracks

Do you have this door type: Retractable doors slide all the way into the garage when opening. The tracks are horizontal and are attached to the top of the door frame. They run parallel to the ceiling and are supported by hanging straps (available below). 

Suitable for use on most makes and models of retractable garage doors. Supplied with front bracket to fix to frame and end stops. The retractable door tracks are to suit roller spindles with 48mm diameter rollers or less - most retractable doors feature roller wheel diameters of 44-46mm. Track length: 87 inches (2220mm) (can be easily cut to the required size.)

Track Hanging Support Straps
Pair of retractable door track support straps. These hang from the ceiling and support the horizontal roller spindle tracks. Tracks are 760mm x 40mm, have 13 holes, spaced 40mm apart, with each hole diameter being 10mm.

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