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How do I use the spring finder table?Updated 6 months ago

Once you have your spring measurements, you can use the spring finder table to identify a suitable replacement. 

You can click on a heading at the top of the table, and the springs will reorder themselves based on that category e.g. If you click on Manufacturer, it will put them into order alphabetically, or if you click on Spring Length (mm), it will put them in order from shortest to longest. If you want to reverse any order, click the heading again e.g. Spring Length (mm) will now be longest to shortest. 

When comparing measurements, please also consider the door width; single or double. If the other measurements match, but this category doesn't then the strength of the spring is likely to be wrong and should not be used. 

Any slight difference in measurements between your spring and one listed on our site is quite often down to a measuring error as a few mm on the length does not make a significant difference. 

If unsure of which spring to select, please contact [email protected] or WhatsApp 07481 342 447 and our team will endeavour to find the correct spring for you. 

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